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Natuval : production and online sales of Organic Turmeric Juice

Organic Turmeric Juice, a traditional juice from Java known for centuries, is an ancient juice with 1,001 virtues. It contains unsuspected treasures for health and well-being.

Considered an elixir of life on the island of Java, it can be enjoyed every day and helps preserve our health and well-being. Fresh whole turmeric juice is the most complete and naturally active form. This natural treasure has been produced and distributed by Natuval since 2010. Natuval's mission is to design innovative products for prevention through nutrition.

To fulfil this mission is has two key objectives:

  • Manage and master the supply of raw materials from organic farming.

The turmeric juice sold by Natuval comes from organic turmeric fields in Africa.
From manufacture to packaging, Natuval prohibits all products with negative effects on health and well-being, meaning:

  • No alcohol,
  • No preservative,
  • No glycerine,
  • No pepper or piperine,
  • No plastic packaging.

Producing different organic products that improve the well-being of our consumers.


Fresh turmeric

Turmeric fields




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SARL Natuval - Siren: 521 551 556 - 13 rue du Bois de la Champelle 54500 Vandoeuvre les Nancy - Tel.: +33 (0)3 83 44 12 12

Established in Lorraine, Natuval sells organic turmeric juice via its website.
Turmeric juice is not a food supplement. Natuval organic turmeric juice offers many advantages for everyone's good health by consuming Natuval's organic turmeric juice.